Published works

This is a list of published works by Liviu Solomon (in addition to his essential contribution). The list was initiated by Mrs. Veturia Chiroiu, and is under construction.

L. Solomon, M. HocquemillerMathématiques appliquées et calculatrices programmables: notation algébrique directe (TI 57, 58, 59) Masson Paris 1982. Disponibilă pe Google Books, integral si gratuit.

L.Solomon, D. Draghicescu, Asupra utilizării transformărilor conforme în problema plană a elasticității, pentru domenii dublu conexe, St.Cerc. Mec. Apl., 8(4), 1957.

Solomon, I. Zamfirescu, Some approximative formulae and solutions in the contact problem for punches with a plane bounded non-elliptical basis,Applications of the theory of functions in continuum mechanics, Proc. of the Int. Symp. Tbilisi, sept. 17-23 (eds. Muskhelishvili N.I., Sedov L.I., Mikhailov G.K.), 400–409, 1963.

Solomon, Une solution approchée du problème du poinçon rigide à base plane bornée convexe non elliptique,Compt. Rend. Acad. Sc. Paris, 258, 64–66, 1964.

Solomon, Upon the geometrical punch-penetration rigidity, Lincei-Rend. Sc. Fis. Mat. E Nat., 36, pp.832–835, 1964.

Dumitriu, L. Munteanu, V. Chiroiu, L. Solomon, On the nonlocal theory of nanoindentation, Al 4-lea Simpozion Mecatronica, Microtehnologii si Materiale noi, Univ.  Valahia din Targoviste, 7-8 dec. 2006, Revista Română Mecanică Fină, Optică şi Mecatronică, pp. 31-36, 2006.

Chiroiu,  D. Dumitriu, L. Solomon, On the nonlocal modeling of nanoindentation and nanocontacts, in  Research Trends in Mechanics vol.1, pp.33-54, Publishing House of the Romanian Academy, 2007.

Baldovin, D. Dumitriu, V.Chiroiu, L. Solomon, On the elastic-plastic contact modeling, Research Trends in Mechanics, vol.2, Publishing House of the Romanian Academy, 2008.

Baldovin, V. Chiroiu, L. Munteanu, L. Solomon, On the double couple radiation pattern for a slab-track system, Proceedings of the Romanian Academy, Series A: Mathematics, Physics, Technical Sciences, Information Science, 10(2), pp.151-156, 2009.

Popa, L. Solomon, V. Chiroiu, N.-D. Stǎnescu, C. Secară, On the uniaxial deformation of nonhomogeneous materials, Research Trends in Mechanics, vol.3, pp.320-334, Publishing House of the Romanian Academy, 2009.


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