Remembering Liviu Solomon

Veturia Chiroiu : Liviu Solomon, the mentor

An impressive quality of Professor Solomon was his unique and ingenious way of sharing, with unequaled conviction and charm, the outcome of his work or works he appreciated from the literature in his field: they were becoming beautiful, new and important for his listeners.

Liviu Dinu: Remembering my Professor, Liviu Solomon

Professor Liviu Solomon was a man of extraordinary generosity: an altruist. Of great nobility of soul: discretion, kindness, critical spirit carefully censored (to nurture – without hurting). And a luminous mindset (in which envy, or malice, or resentment did not exist). He had a humor that motivated you, that created confidence, even optimism.

All of his students admired and adored him unreservedly. They even got to use some of the Professor’s expressions, as a show of love. A small example: The Professor often liked to mention that “practically” things can be described in a very simple way. Well, the word “practically” had become commonplace in our conversations at the time. Everything seemed to us (“practically”) very simple. In fact, thanks to the Professor.

Here is a story that the Professor (himself having the vocation of the perfect thing) offered to those made overly sad by some imperfections (possibly minor), slipped into an honest and harmonious approach. ● A zealous writer set out to produce a book without typos: a bet on proofreading performance. A Note would be added to this book stating the existence of the bet and the pride of the editor for the eventual winning of that bet. But: even in the Added Note, a typo will have slipped!

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